Hinterland Studio announces The Long Dark


Another secret project finally revealed!

I’m deeply honoured  to be working with the veteran team at Hinterland Studio, an new independent game developer comprised of triple-A vets from Relic, BioWare, Volition, and Riot. Last week, we announced the existence of the studio and we lifted the curtain on our first title, a first-person post-disaster survival simulation called The Long Dark.

And the press we’ve gotten! They’ve been so good to us, and it’s thrilling to see the interest in the studio and the game. The story of Hinterland’s formation under the guiding hand of founder and creative director Raphael van Lierop has been resonating with media outlets.

The amazing Leigh Alexander interviewed Raph and she wrote a wonderful and thoughtful story for Gamasutra. Here are some of my favourite graphs from the piece:

He says the team sees much more to explore in survival fiction than “post-apocalypse” or zombies — what if the world’s simply falling apart? “I’m really interested in how dependent we are on technology, especially for things like community,” he says. “We lived in apartments in the city where we didn’t know our neighbors, and these are themes that stuck in my head. I wanted to explore them in a game that was a bit more thoughtful, and hopefully more sophisticated than what we’ve seen in games so far.”

The Long Dark is a first-person game defined not by its combat or action, but its pensive moments, climbing snow-tufted hills and looking out onto a sky dusted with the trails of magnetic auroras, against a backdrop of harsh weather and few resources, focused on classic themes of wilderness literature, van Lierop says.

“Games allow us to learn about ourselves through decision-making… I can play the game and make decisions, and that can tell me something about who I am,” he reflects. “People need to be able to say things with their work. If you give that opportunity, there’s nothing they won’t do to find success.”

I’ll be sharing more of the coverage we’ve gotten through this blog. And yes, as many Canadians pointed out on Twitter and Facebook, we missed an opportunity by not naming the Hinterland team page Who’s Who.

In the meantime, most of my time and energy has been devoted to making sure our just-launched Kickstarter campaign for The Long Dark goes well. We’ve just hit $53,000+ and there’s still 27 days to go…

More to come, including some exciting updates and announcements related to the game!


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